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Custom Chucking & Pin-Float Reamers

Pin Float Coolant Fed & Chucking Reamers-Good for all materials. These Pin Float Reamers are like the Proto-Cutter Standard Reamer, that can be made longer or shorter. Chucking Reamers are a good cost effective way to finish a hole. Lead angles on our reamers can be made with specific angles, which are important for micro finishes and sizing. Reamers can be made from carbide or HSS. Can be made left hand helix for through holes (coolant holes in the flutes) or right hand helix for blind holes (coolant hole through the center of the tool).

  • Custom chucking & pin-float reamers can be coolant fed.
  • We can make specials to a customers tool print or part print.
  • Material is on hand for rush service on specials.

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    (PDF, 1354KB)

    Custom Chucking Reamer Drawing
    (PDF, 175KB)