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XTREME Reamer Accessories

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  • Clamps
  • Clamp Screws
  • Blade Set Screws
  • Torque Wrenchs for Clamp Screws
  • Replacement Tips for Torque Wrench
  • Set Screw Wrench

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Item #

XR Clamp B (Reamers XR-0390 to XR-0480)
XR Clamp C (Reamers XR-0510 to XR-01500)
XR Clamp Screws
XR Blade Set Screws (2)
XR Torque Wrench (for clamp screw)
XR Replacement Tip For Torque Wrench
XR Set Screw Wrench (to set blade)
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1